The Well Dedications

The Jewelry Bee completed this Water Well Project in February 2011.

This well was built to provide drinking water to students studying at Infant Jesus High School, Maravanur, Manaparai Tk, Tiruchirappalli Dt, Tamil Nadu, India.

Infant Jesus High School is a Vernacular Medium High School in a hamlet, aiming to provide services to neglected, poor children. These school age children come from very poor families, they come to school because of free education (books, tests, bus passes) and noon meal being provided.

The beneficiaries of this project are 581 rural and dalit girls and boys who are students of Infant Jesus High School. These students come from more than 40 villages; their parents are daily wage earners or cattle raisers.

There was need is to provide a pure drinking water source for the normal growth and overall development of each student. The school previously had a bore well which provided water for drinking, cooking and washing. The bore well was lost due to the Government extending highways on both sides of the road; this led to the abolishment of the school bore well.

The children’s water source was brought in from a private well by two women. This is done by carrying water on their heads and it does not satisfy daily requirements for the children, also there are limitations on water usage.

The Jewelry Bee partnered with Northview Christian Church and provided $6,500.00 in funds.  The Jewelry Bee raised funds by selling handcrafted jewelry and other private donations to meet the urgent need to dig a bore-well and construct an overhead tank for the school students, Children of God.

Water is important to life; it enhances life and health for all. As a dream of Ciara, her desire to prevent children from dying from diseases and sickness was fulfilled. This well dedication fulfills the legacy of Ciara Allessandrea Dykes by giving life thru water.