Why The Jewelry Bee

"The Jewelry Bee" came alive in December 2009, after many years of the owner (Ciara’s mom) making jewelry personally and as gifts for many others. It was the vision of my daughter, the late Ciara Allessandrea Dykes that her mom should go into business. Ciara left her loved ones and was peacefully escorted went to heaven in September 2009 from a rare pediatric cancer. Ciara was a sweet young, kind in spirit and possessed a smile you would not forget.

Ciara’s mother sought the Lord to find a way to create a living legacy, so her mom established “The Jewelry Bee” as a business to raise funds and bring awareness of the need to build hand-bore water pumps which provide fresh running water to children and families in the country of India, all dedicated in Ciara Dykes’ name.

After much prayer and consideration, Ciara’s mom discovered “Wells for Life” Wells for Life a missionary field and was led to build water wells to provide clean drinking sources to rural villages and communities throughout India. Fresh, clean and safe drinking water is a necessity to sustain life and a vital survival mechanism, to prevent sickness and disease.

“The Jewelry Bee” specializes in designing, creating and marketing one-of-a-kind jewelry that includes necklaces, bracelets , earrings, etc., All proceeds for the purchase of jewelry from the “The Jewelry Bee” goes to “Wells for Life” Foundation. The Jewelry Bee offers items that are hand-crafted, custom made, affordable and a beautiful way to honor the Lord by helping others in the mission field and creates an eternal legacy for Ciara’s dream spiritually and physically nourishes generations until Jesus Christ returns.

“The Jewelry Bee” supports the mission of “Wells for Life” by providing a two-folded purpose, drilling wells in India to bring drinking water and share the Good News of Jesus Christ with those who have a listening ear to win souls for the kingdom!

Water wells are being dedicated to help girls, boys, orphans, moms, dads, families, villages and communities. Today, there are five wells erected in the Northern and Southern regions of India in the name of Ciara Allessandrea Dykes thru the sales of jewelry and private donations.  It is the goal of the Jewelry Bee to erect twelve wells in the Northern and Southern regions of  India.